RoboCupJunior 2016

Competition got over

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The competition mission is to locate natural disaster victims from a building, where the rescue personnel in place need robotic assistance in dangerous areas.

On Stage

RoboCupJunior Dance allows team to present creative stage performance using autonomous robots that the team have designed, built and programmed.


The regional competitions will be held in various cities and later the Zonal competitions will be held at 4 zones, namely, South, North, East and West.

About Us

The above foundation is an NGO with the aim to provide the students community an exciting introduction to the field of robotics, a new way to develop technical abilities through hand-on experience with electronics, hardware and software, and a highly motivating opportunity to learn about teamwork while sharing technology with each other.

The foundation will achieve the above goal by organizing RoboCupJunior competition in India and help the selected teams to represent India in the International RoboCup competition year after year.